19 Witch Recipes & Crafts for Halloween

19 Witch Recipes & Crafts for Halloween

19 Witch Recipes & Crafts for Halloween

Are you dressing up as a Witch for Halloween this year?  Or planning a bewitched party?  These 19 Witch Recipes & Crafts will be sure to set the mood for a fantastic time!

1. No Bake Witch Hat Cookies
2. Paper Plate Witches
3. Witches Cauldron Cakes
4. Witch Mason Jar Craft
5. Marshmallow Witches
6. Witch Slap Bracelet Corsages
7. Witch Hats and Brooms Cookies
8. Spooky Jell O Witches Cauldron
9. Witches Broom Sticks
10. Cookies and Cream Witch Hats
11. Crescent Roll Witch Hats
12. Wicked Witch Cupcakes
13. Witch’s Brew Halloween Drink
14. Wicked Witch Punch
15. Witches Broom Snacks
16. Witch Hat Button Craft
17. Witch’s Brew Bites
18. Witch’s Brew Dessert Trifle
19. Deathly Chocolate Graveyard Cakes

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