Mother’s Day Flower Pot Wind Chime

Mother's Day Flower Pot Wind Chime

Mother’s Day Flower Pot Wind Chime

{As written by my friend Deanna on her blog Play Dough & Popsicles}

I never understood the boxes of handmade gifts that my mom kept. I mean just think, every holiday from preschool all through elementary school from both my sister and me. Granted, she didn’t keep EVERYTHING, at least I don’t think so, but she kept things. As a teenager I would look at it and think how ugly. It was not until I became a mom to a creative soul that I finally understood. I can’t throw anything away. I mean I do throw some things away, but I have a box started. And she’s only 4.

The daily crafts and drawings are fun, but handmade gifts are the absolute best. It might not be the actual gift, but the look on her face. The look on her face when her little mind is creating something that she believes I will love. Her face when she completes it and knows I am going to love it. And her face when she hands her latest masterpiece to me in anticipation of my reaction. Her little face is the best!

Luckily my mom and mother in law love hand made gifts from her too! It makes holidays fun because we can work on projects together. Plus it gives her a few extra reasons to be creative. Although like me, she doesn’t really need a reason!

This wind chime is the perfect gift from a child. It is practical, it actually does make noise when shaken, but it can be so sentimental. It is precious that a child made it. And from the person supervising this project, it is an EASY project for kids to do on their own!!

Supplies Needed

My daughter took small pieces of washi tape, in various lengths, and stuck it on the outside of the flower pot. It was a completely random process. Each piece was a different length and stuck in a different direction. To me it looks like a quilt. I really love how it turned out. {One of those proud mom moments. I hoped she would be creative and when she does a project with little direction and it turns out better than I could have done or when she has a better idea than me. Makes me so happy!!}

Mother's Day Flower Pot Wind Chime

When she was done with the tape I took cord and tied a few knots in the middle. I made the knots big enough that the cord couldn’t go through the hole on the bottom of the pot. I threaded it from the inside out so that the open strings were sticking out the hole at the bottom (which will be the top of the wind chime). Then I tied a bow at the top of the strings so that the wind chime can be hung.

Mother's Day Flower Pot Wind Chime

I then tied fishing line, about 12 inches each strand, to the knot on the inside of the wind chime. Then I had my daughter put the beads on the fishing line. It took a few times to get the beads on but after a little practice she got the hang of it. {Pearler beads and yarn could also be used, but the yarn is not quite as weather proof as the wind chime}

When she was done, I tied knots in the bottom of the finishing line and the wind chime is complete. This is going to make a great gift for someone special. It will remind the recipient of my daughter with ever breeze that allows the wind chime to make it’s music.

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