Biggie Perler Bead Fun

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A couple of Christmas’ ago I bought a bunch of the Biggie Perler Beads for Boo Boo.  I had done a couple projects with her but not a lot – it was stressful for both of us.  Now that she is in Pre-K she tends to do much better on projects so I decided to bring the beads out today on this rainy (hip hip hooray – its rain not snow!!!) day.  I had bought a couple kits, a big bucket of beads and a clear tray with designs.  Buddy decided he wanted to try it too and I was honestly dreading it but it turned out being a really awesome morning!

In Maine you can’t be an Amazon affiliate – this is a great sadness for me as I shop from Amazon all the time and would love the opportunity to make a few bucks from including links from my blogs to the products I use and love.  But anyways – I am still going to include the links to Amazon as I want it be super easy for my readers to find the products that I’m talking about.  And now back to our morning.

Boo Boo started by making a small heart – this was the only design left in the kit we had been working from.  My complaint as a parent is that these kits are hard for the little kids to do alone – I don’t mind helping but this I have to sit there with 100% of my attention and say – ok – put this bead here.  They don’t come with patterns – you just have to make the designs from the pictures on the box.  This might be ok with a bigger kid but when the kits say 4+ I would expect them to be a little easier to use.  This was a small heart so we finished fairly quickly.  I ironed the design and left it to cool.

After seeing Boo Boo finish one design Buddy decided he wanted to try so I pulled out the options of what I had bought previously and caught sight of the clear tray with patterns (similar to what you find here).  This was perfect for him – he picked a car pattern and set about sorting out beads in the colors he needed into a bowl from the big bucket of beads.  I helped him sort his beads and he placed the beads and created the design all by himself.


Next Boo Boo picked the pet kit I had purchased previously (found here).  Again this was a lot of work for both of us and hard for her as I was trying to do laundry as well as help her.


They both did awesome work this morning – they happily (for the most part!) worked with the beads for around an hour and a half which is unheard of at our house to sit for that long on one project.  I will be ordering an additional clear board with patterns and a second bucket of beads now that I know how easy it can be!


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