Clifford the Big Red Dog Themed Valentine Box

Clifford the Big Red Dog Themed Valentine Box

Clifford the Big Red Dog Themed Valentine Box

Do you love to celebrate all holidays with your children?  I surely do – it gives us something fun to theme our activities around.  As Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching I decided that this year we should create a Valentine box to store all of the homemade cards my kids make.  Enter our Clifford the Big Red Dog Themed Valentine Box.  We read Lots of Love and it has inspired a few of our Valentine’s Day projects.  Click on the image of the book below and check out our other Clifford projects.

Kindergarten Valentine's Day Reading List and Story Extension

Materials Needed

  • Cardboard box (typically a shoe box)
  • White paper
  • Red Paper
  • Valentine’s themed stickers
  • Red streamer
  • Heart borders (optional)
  • Puffy paint (optional)
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick (optional)
  • Foam Heart (optional)


To prep our box I used a blade to cute a small hole in the top for Valentine’s to be put in the box.

Buddy helped create our Valentine box before he went to Pre-K in the afternoon.  I printed a Clifford coloring sheet that you can find here.  Buddy colored that while I started covering the top of the box with the streamers.  I hot glued them on the top of the box leaving the hole I had cut uncovered.

Next I traced Buddy’s hand to make a handprint Clifford – you can find the inspiration for this project here.  I cut his hand out and drew Clifford’s face with black marker.  I attached googly eyes with hot glue.  Once the face was complete I hot glued it to a foam heart.  When Buddy finished coloring he used the puffy paint to trace the outline of Clifford’s face on the foam heart.

I searched online for a printable dog bone template and found one here.  I cut out a few of the bones to use as decoration.

I covered the box with white paper on the front and back and red paper on the sides.  I also added a heart border along the bottom of the box.  

The final step was decorating.  Buddy used his glue stick to attach the coloring sheet to the front of the box.  Next he used Valentine’s themed stickers to decorate all over the box.  I attached bones to the sides and top of the box and he added a few stickers.  I attached the Clifford handprint heart to the back of the box with the hot glue gun and then Buddy finished decorating.

Clifford the Big Red Dog Themed Valentine Box

The finished product is a very cute Clifford the Big Red Dog Themed Valentine Box.  It definitely screams Valentine’s day with the number of hearts Buddy attached.  We had a fun time creating the box together.  Buddy already made his first Valentine and put it in the box for safekeeping!

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