Frozen Bowling Party

This year Boo Boo had two parties as you have heard me talk about previously.  This post is a recap of her Frozen themed bowling party.

I had put up a post about the prep for this party and it can be found by clicking the picture below:

bowling 7

The morning of the party we gave both kids a small present.  We always give our other child – in this case – Buddy – something to wear that fits with the theme of the party.  This year he got an Olaf t-shirt as he actually didn’t already own a Frozen shirt (I was honestly surprised he didn’t have one).  Since it was Boo Boo’s birthday party day she got a new Frozen headband to wear at her party.

bowling 1

We held the party at the Bangor Brewer Bowling Lanes and had a great party.  The cost was reasonable and the amount of time just right for little kids.  My only complaint as a parent was that there were four parties happening simultaneously in the lanes directly next to each other so the place was packed!  The kids didn’t care and honestly it wasn’t that big of a deal but it made it a little more hectic for me trying to move around and coordinate all of the party happenings.

The party was scheduled to start at 2:30pm and we arrived around 1:45 to start setting up.  The setup was minimal – just a few decorations and getting snacks out which was nice.  The bowling alley provides the balloon tableclothes and we just brought in Frozen balloons, pin the nose on Olaf and the birthday banner.

bowling 3

The kids put on their bowling shoes and got right to it!  It was hard to keep them all from bowling at the same time but nobody got hurt so I guess it was ok.  The kids bowled and for the most part parents hung out back by the tables with the food.

bowling 4

We had booked the lanes from 2:30-4 and before I knew it it was almost 4 and we hadn’t had cake, opened presents or played pin the nose.  So we went over and asked to extend for an additional 30 minutes which the bowling alley did for a small fee (it was worth it for the birthday girl to get to finish her party!).  We had the kids gather around to sign happy birthday and have cupcakes and ice cream.

bowling 5

Next the kids who wanted to played pin the nose on Olaf.  They did great!


bowling 3

Finally the kids bowled for a little longer and then Boo Boo opened presents.


bowling 6

After she opened her presents we gave out the Olaf goodie bags to her party guests and everyone headed out.  We packed up and were out the door within a few minutes of our last guests as well as some of our family helped carry everything out to the car.  The party was a big success for the kids and Boo Boo really enjoyed it.  It was fun and after we do one big party for Buddy when he turns 5, I think I will only do small playdates at our house for the kids – it was a lot of prep work on my part to do two big parties and I am very glad that I had decided to break them out over two weekends.  Be on the lookout for a post about Boo Boo’s family party coming soon!!

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