Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick’s day yesterday.  I know we did!  The kids were excited about all the fun things I had planned.  I made my plans spur of the moment – usually I plan ahead but this year I am a little behind the eight ball with all of the other stuff happening.  I ran to our local store in the morning to pick up a few things and found awesome green carnations for the kids – they were so happy when I got home!


I gave them their carnations and then had them play while I made a special snack.  I made them fruit rainbows!


  • Whipped cream (or marshmallows – something white for a cloud)
  • Raspberries/strawberries (any red fruit)
  • Oranges (any orange fruit)
  • Yellow Apple (any yellow fruit)
  • Kiwi (any green fruit)
  • Blueberries (any blue/purple fruit)
  • Individually wrapped Rolos for the pot of gold (any candy in a gold wrapper)


The kids thought the snack was awesome – it goes to show you can make a fun treat that is still very healthy!

fruit rainbow

While the kids were eating their snack I got us set up to make sugar cookie dough.  I had told them when I found the St. Patrick’s day cookie cutters that we would make cookies and we just hadn’t gotten around to it.  I use my mom’s sugar cookie recipe and it is amazing – I’ll share it another day or if you are interested let me know.

Both kids helped make the dough and then I separated it into two balls to chill – one for Buddy and one for Boo Boo.  Buddy made his cookies before nap time while Boo Boo was at school and Boo Boo made hers when she got home from school.

sugar cookie Collage

After I got cleaned up from making cookies I started lunch while the kids watched a tv show.  I made turkey and cheese quesadillas on spinach tortillas.  I cut the kids into shamrocks and then they had rainbow bell peppers with them.  I also made special shamrock shakes!  The shamrock shakes are super easy to make – I used a combo of vanilla and chocolate chip ice cream, 1/2 tsp of mint extract, skim milk, and green food coloring.  I topped them with whipped cream and green sugar.

lunch collage

In the afternoon while Buddy was napping I sewed a hat for Boo Boo to match the dress I’m making for her birthday.  Here is a picture of my beautiful girl modeling it when she got home from school!


We had a pretty awesome day!  The kids enjoyed it and that is what matters to me 🙂

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