Our #DisneySide @Home Celebration Valentine’s Day Party

***I received free products from Disney Parks and Mom Select in order to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration.  The opinions expressed here are my own.***

Valentine’s day finally arrived and with it it brought our #DisneySide @Home Celebration Valentine’s Day Party.  We were picked to host a multi-generational party.  We had three generations in the house represented from my family with the addition of some of the kids friends and their parents.  I’ve been planning for close to a month and was so excited for this party to happen.  Surprisingly I was really relaxed – usually I get pretty high strung trying to get everything done before the kids parties and don’t really enjoy myself as much because I’m too busy trying to make everything perfect.

Today – I enjoyed myself – I’m glad my mom arrived early to help me with the last minute details and I may have still been making waffles as people arrived but that was ok.  I still ran around doing things but honestly I enjoyed myself.  We played the games that we received in my host box and it was a lot of fun.

I know I have posted a lot of the items that I made prior to the party so I will highlight those as I talk about the party and link back to the original posts.


First – lets talk decorations.  I made some fun banners with materials provided and some of my own and hung them around the house.  This is also where we played pin the smile on Mickey towards the end of our party.


I set up a station to write Valentine’s – it wasn’t a hit largely in part I think due to the fact that our kids ranged in age from 6 down to 1 so most kiddos aren’t writing yet.  Good idea – maybe one to revisit as our kids get older.


We have a lot of Disney items in our house so we just went “shopping” in the kids rooms for a few stuffies to use as part of our decor.  One of our guests brought the beautiful flowers and we quickly got a vase and added them as part of our centerpiece.


The piñata was hanging as part of the decor prior to the kids opening it.  You can find the tutorial to make it by clicking here.


One corner of the dining room played host to the Mickey Mouse Bean bag toss game.  I had also hung up the Tree of Life I had made for my family here (these were included in the adult goodie bags).  Click here for the tutorial to create your own bean bag toss.



Our goodie bags were displayed in the living room.  As the kids won prizes we would put them into their goodie bags so they wouldn’t get lost.  I added names inside as an after thought and it was sloppy but served the purpose – if I plan something like that again I will be sure to put names in the bags ahead of time.  Unfortunately I didn’t think about getting a picture of them.  The kids goodie bags I did a tutorial for and you can find it here.  I have also included a picture of what the kids received in their bags.  Thanks so much to Brothers-All-Natural for the wonderful fruit crisps!



The adult goodie bags were a big larger red handled bags that I used a Mickey mouse paper punch to add three black Mickey heads cut out of black cardstock.  The adult gift bags included a lot of stuff from my hostess package including: a recipe and coupon for Beyond Beef, the family tree of life (with leaves), HP CMYK packs (printer paper and envelopes), Disney luggage tags, and their party invitations (better late than never, right??).  Many thanks to our awesome sponsors for this event!




Next lets talk games!  From the hostess package I received I was provided with an awesome amount of games.  I decided to do games for the kids as well as a few for the adults.  I think this was a fun twist and something I’ll try to incorporate for future birthday parties at our house.  Our kids are getting to the point where they really enjoy party games so I am working on incorporating more.

Kids Games

  • #DisneySide bingo
  • Bean bag toss
  • Pin the smile on Mickey
  • Guess the number of kisses in a jar
  • Pull string piñata

Adult Games

  • Disney quote and attraction match up
  • Disney character word search
  • Disney Trivia questions

Here’s a peak at some of the fun we had during the games.

game collage

and here are some of our prize winners!



Our party started at 10:30am and I went with brunch.  Who doesn’t love breakfast food? Plus it gave me a chance to serve our Mickey waffles on a stick. See our menu below:

food Collage


We are a big party mix family – I make one for every party/get together we have.  I tailor it to the theme of the event and family favorites.  This one included cheez-its, pretzels, heart shaped marshmallows, valentines candy corn, valentines m&m’s, conversation hearts, strawberries & cream gold fish, and frosted animal crackers.

I decided not to make a cake for this party opting for the Mickey oreo pops that were easier to eat on the go.  I still used my Mickey cake pan as a serving dish for our apple slices – I had never thought about using a cake pan as part of the decor until I saw some other party hosts do that – it was a great idea!

Everyone had a great time at our party.  I am so grateful to Disney Parks for the opportunity to host this party and show my #DisneySide.  This was a great break from our every day lives to sit back and celebrate Valentine’s day and our love for Disney – it couldn’t have been a better pairing for a party theme in my mind.

***I received free products from Disney Parks and Mom Select in order to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration.  The opinions expressed here are my own.***

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