Spook-takular Family Fun Pumpkin Carving Party

Spook-takular Family Fun Pumpkin Carving Party

Spook-takular Family Fun Pumpkin Carving Party

Do you love Halloween?  I think it is a really fun holiday – the kids adore dressing up and going out trick-or-treating.  I love decorating for Halloween and carving pumpkins with the kids.  This year I decided to take our pumpkin carving session from ordinary to extraordinary by planning a Spook-takular Pumpkin Carving Party for our family.

Below is the lineup of the things we did – this could either be a fun night or weekend activity for your whole family!

  1. Decorate the windows with Halloween window clings
  2. Have a Pumpkin themed dinner
  3. Have Halloween themed treats
  4. Carve pumpkins together
  5. Do a fun family science experiment
  6. Watch a fun Halloween movie together

1 – Decorate Windows

I have a yearly tradition where I try to head out to the stores on November 1st to shop the Halloween clearance section.  Last year I found these cute make your own jack-o-lantern window clings and bought two sets at 50% to save for this year.  These are the exact ones I bought but I got them at a much lower price.  My kids love decorating the windows and I have learned over the years that two duplicate sets causes a lot less headaches for me (much less fighting over who gets to put up which set).

Spook-takular Family Fun Pumpkin Carving Party
2 – Have a Pumpkin Themed Dinner

Last year we had a pumpkin themed dinner as well – if you want to find directions check the post out here.  This year the kids made their own mini pumpkin pizzas so they could put the toppings on that they wanted and I made one large pizza.  The kids love helping in the kitchen – take a look at our finished products below.

Spook-takular Family Fun Pumpkin Carving Party

3 – Have Halloween Themed Treats

This year we ordered some special treats from Shari’s Berries – take a look at their awesome collection of Halloween Treats.  We got this package and the kids were so excited to eat the treats!  I’ve got to say the brownie pops were amazing!  You could also make and decorate a pumpkin shaped cake (like we did here) or make and decorate Halloween sugar cookies.

Spook-takular Family Fun Pumpkin Carving Party

4 – Carve Pumpkins Together

My husband and I still carve all of the pumpkins – the kids are getting bigger though and I’m sure in the next few years they will be carving their own.  We use patterns to carve our pumpkins that we have purchased in past years (similar to this).  You can also find a lot of free patterns online – take a look at these great resources: 60+ Disney Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Free: 700+ Pumpkin Carving Templates and Stencils.

Spook-takular Family Fun Pumpkin Carving Party

5 – Fun Family Science Experiment

We made a puking pumpkin but there are a lot of other fun experiments you can choose from!  Take a look at these other fun ideas: Pumpkin Volcano, Spider Slime, and Dissolving Peeps to name just a few.

6 – The Halloween Movie

We love watching movies together as a family.  I like to buy movies to have on hand – especially anything Disney or holiday related.  We watched Spooky Buddies after our pumpkin carving party.  We also have the following in our Halloween collection: Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie, Scooby Doo!  13 Spooky Tales Run for your ‘Rife!, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Mickey’s Treat.  Now that the kids are getting bigger I need to a few others to our collection like: Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown.

We had a great time at our Spook-tacular Halloween Pumpkin carving party and will continue the tradition for many years to come.  Our kids are ready for Halloween – are yours?


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